An award winning bear.... that's me!

Posted 16th November 2012

As you know, I don't generally like to 'blow my own trumpet' but I must confess to being ever so slightly chuffed when I was told a couple of weeks ago that I had been nominated for my first ever award!  What a great feeling to be nominated for doing something you just love to do....for me that's travelling of course.

Well this award was for Best Venue Social Media Campaign 2012 (basically my story in pictures and facebook of my travels so far!) and came from the most 'prestigious' Prestigious Venues Star Awards.  The Grand Hotel was also nominated in the Best Venue Twitter Award too by the way!

So on Wednesday 14th November; off I went with my minders (!) on a train London bound!  Dickie Bow in place and rather excited I have to say!  I tried to keep calm during the journey but couldn't help wondering what I might say should I win!

These awards were being staged in the beautiful Cadogan Hotel on Sloane Street (made note to self to try to get invited back, as this is definately my kind of place!)

So...for the moment of truth! Up on the screen popped the four nominees.... Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire, Qualia in the Hamilton Islands, The Roof Garden in London and finally The Grand Hotel in good old Eastbourne!.... Quite a line up! and what a buzz around the room!  When the winner was announced and I heard my name, I was actually speechless (!) - 'Never' I hear you cry!.. I pulled myself together and graciously accepted the certificate from the most charming Habib from Prestigious Venues.

Once the photo session was over and some networking done, it was back on the train home! with award in hand! In celebration (and it needed to be good) we all agreed on a Burger King Whooper and Diet Coke (we know how to have a good time!)

That was certainly a night to remember...... wonder what is next in store for me!

Adious  Claude x


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