A Beachscape Photographer's Paradise!

Eastbourne is rather unique in several ways, one of which is its amazing suitability for Beachscape photography. As many will know, the best conditions for photography are taken in the light, known as the 'golden hour'...just before sunrise and similarly before sunset. Most locations offer scenery that is suitable for one but not the other particularly if the sun is being featured in the scene.

Due to its geographical location, a slight spur from the mainland caused by the ending of the South Downs, Eastbourne town and beach enjoys a sunrise directly out to sea, fabulous on a clear day (which is most of the time in Britain's sunniest location!) whilst a short drive or a decent walk away on the reverse of the spur is Birling Gap which also features glorious sunsets out to sea.
Birling%20Gap_1.jpg?itok=FiB7rvx- sunrise%20towards%20pier_1.jpg?itok=FZQE

Why settle for just sunset or sunrise when you can enjoy both plus the very best chance of seeing the sun in the first place. Not to mention enjoying all the wonderful facilities the Grand has to offer in between!!!..........
Happy snapping!

Jonathan Webley, General Manager

Posted 27th April 2012

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