Eastbourne Youth Radio & Chef Gerald Roser

Posted 26th November 2013

Every year Eastbourne Youth Radio (EYR) 87.7FM, a project involving hundreds of young people from across the Eastbourne area broadcast a 3 day spectacular run entirely by the students.  This year was no exception with over 25 schools and colleges taking part.  Each learning centre picked their own topic and got an hour slot on live radio broadcast from the studios of Sussex Downs College.

So what has this all got to do with the Grand we hear you ask?.... Well!

A short time ago our Mirabelle Head Chef, Gerald Roser got a call from nearby neighbours at Bedes Prep School for some help with their project.  As they had been given a lunchtime slot they decided their chosen topic would be 'Food Glorious Food'.... Gerald was asked if he might be interviewed by the students... He of course said yes.

And so the delegation duly arrived last Wednesday armed with a list of questions nearly as long as Chefs weekly food shopping list!  Chef started with a tour of the kitchen and restaurant which really set the scene of his job here at the Grand.  With 12 years in charge of the Mirabelle, Chef happily discussed his love of food and cooking in the modern European theme that evokes his restaurant.

Questions included what made him want to become a Chef, Memorable highlights of his career, favourite dishes in the Mirabelle and any culinary disasters he may wish to share with the listeners!  Chef Roser of course answered them all with honesty!  With each student eagerly jotting down the answers. the basis for the radio interview was coming together nicely.

To give the whole topic a little more cultural diversity it was also decided that similar interviews would take place with Luca Albertlio, owner and Chef of Pomodoro Mozzarella the family run Italian Restaurant and 'Old Boy' Ronnie Pal from Ashoka Indian Restaurant in the town centre.... So quite the cosmopolitan stir fry of interviews had been hatched.

The big day arrived and live on air at exactly 1.00pm on Friday 22nd November 2013 the students of Bedes Preparatory School played out their findings to an eager audience enthralling them with the tales of what makes great Chefs and Restaurateurs.

Chef Roser was delighted he had been part of such an exciting and innovative project and commented on how professional and mature the students all were.  A personal favourite question came as 'What music would you listen to whilst cooking'?.... Well being German it just had to be a bit of Bach or Beethoven didn't it!


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