The Grand Staff 'Claims to Fame'!

'Claim to Fame' moments from around the Grand!

Posted 6th December 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we might have a little festive fun and ask all our staff if they had a 'Claim to Fame' they might like to share!  Obviously working at England's only 5 Star Seaside Hotel, many examples have been during working hours!....however some as you will see are not!.... Enjoy!

Lindsay (Sales Manager) was kissed on the cheek and bought a drink on her birthday by none other than Sir Paul Macartney in the Buccaneer Pub in Eastbourne!

Carina (Business Development Manager) has told us that her Great, Great Grandad was in prison for being part of the Sicilian Mafia (must remember to keep on the right side of her then!)

Suzie (Reservations) met Chris Evans at the top of the Eifel Tower, apparently he was with Danny Baker but she was only interested in Chris!

Grace (Part time Telephonist) was very excited to tell us she had met Ant and Dec and still has the signed photo on her bedroom wall!

Tamaz (Floor Assistant)  Tamaz has met the Polish Pope... she is Polish by the way!

Sarah (Senior Assistant Manager) was asked by Rene Zellweger to get hold of her current boyfriend by telephone.... turned out to be Jim Carey she spoke to!  (Sarah also has another one which involves her hugging Richard Hammonds coat he asked her to hold but she didn't want that one mentioned...oops!)

Jackie (PR and Marketing) was asked out for dinner by Kevin Kostner..... she said no apparently.... really!!!

Susan (Telephonist) Sold houses on 'Place in the Sun' and 'Dream Holidays' in France!

Sheila (Administration) Her son-in-law is Joe from Toploader!

Claire (Senior Co ordinator) Am liking this one as her Great Uncle was Tommy Cooper...'Just like that'!.....

The General Manager himself We are reliably informed that in 1994 he was the youngest 5 star Hotel General Manager in the country at 34!.....

Jasmine (Receptionist) appeared in Footballers Wives as an extra whilst at Stage School!  Our very own WAG!

Hope you have enjoyed the claims, but just wanted to leave you with the favourite so far!  This was from Felicity in Reservations......

When working in Reception she checked in Nicholas Lyndhurst but accidently called him Mr Trotter.... poor thing thought he really was Rodney!.....Loverly juberly!....

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