Kerstin Florian offers a wide selection of in-room treatments that rejuvenate and refresh your spirits.  A classic in-room experience allows you to create the Spa experience within the privacy of your own room.  Packages can be upgraded with other hotel services such as Champagne and Strawberries.


Muscle Soother Bath Experience

For any guest wishing to soothe aching muscles after a day of activity on the golf course or a long day at the office.  The Grand Spa will deliver your own bath experience for you to create in the comfort of your hotel room.  Especially high in magnesium our mineral bath salts will detoxify and balance the body and in combination with a Eucalyptus Bath Oil will ease stiff muscles and aching joints.  Complete your experience with Chamomile body lotion to take home and enjoy.



Sleep Treat Bath Experience

Our sleep treat bath tray will be delivered to your room to allow you to create your own soothing and relaxing bath experience. Use the unique Turkish Body Scrub with Eucalyptus to exfoliate, whilst filling your bath tub.  Submerge in the all-natural mineral wellness salts to nourish and balance the body.  Complete your experience with moisturising chamomile body lotion before getting into bed.  Take home and enjoy.