Male Grooming

A range of luxury treatments just for Men from the exclusive VitaMan Range


The VitaMan De-Stress Facial Treatment

Combines effective masculine products to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin with VitaMan's unique male specific massage technique to de-stress the shoulder, neck and jaw areas.  This world renowned treatment suits all men of all ages.  You get double the benefits of both looking and feeling like the 'New Man in Town'!  55 minutes - £55.00

The VitaMan Express Facial

The perfect facial booster for the man on the go.  Skin is refreshed with a deep cleanse, stimulation, exfoliation and nourishing mask leaving the skin feeling calmed and revitalised.  This facial is ideal if you have never experienced a facial before.   25 minutes - £35.00

The VitaMan Ultimate Facial

A treatment that incorporates rich active ingredients to decongest the skin accelerates skin repair and improves fine lines.  The face is gently cleansed and exfoliated while a luxurious anti-ageing hydrating mask releases active Red Wine extracts deep into the layers of the skin to reduce signs of ageing combined with the unique and relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.  This is a true facial 'Extravaganza'    65 minutes - £70.00

VitaMan De-Stress Back Treatment

Starting with a deep de-stress shoulder and back massage, the area is then exfoliated with our Sea Salt Body Scrub.  A warm Jurassic clay mask is applied to purify and detoxify the skin then moisturised for total skin rehydration.  It will leave you feeling in the best shape possible.               50 minutes - £65.00

VitaMan Relaxation Massage

Not just a word, but a state of mind.  A relaxing massage that is a 'time out' can bring huge benefits to your wellbeing.  You'll feel more productive, more creative and better equipped to tackle life's challenges.  Your experience is a full body massage including a deeply relaxing scalp massage, using essential oil blends that will achieve a heightened state of relaxation.   55 minutes - £65.00

VitaMan Sports Massage

Aimed at the sports enthusiast to alleviate muscular tension resulting from exercise. This tension draining massage, works to ease and eliminate the pain and stiffness accompanying joint and muscle strain.  Relax and soothe tired  muscles with this massage which features our unique sports massage oil.  Our Desert Muscle Rub is also used in this treatment on isolated areas to give effective results and instantly revive tired muscles.   55 minutes - £65.00

Eye Rescue Treatment by Kerstin Florian

This intensive eye treatment is designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles up to 27%, improves dark circles, relieves puffy eyes, improves clarity and totally rejuvenates this delicate area for brighter, more luminescent eyes.   40 minutes - £50.00

VitaMan Manicure and Pedicure

Enjoy a warm foot soak while your hands receive an invigorating manicure including complete nail and cuticle maintenance, with a hand and forearm massage leaving hands with a smart, groomed and professional appearance.  Our signature pedicure then incorporates the ultimate foot care, a revitalising scrub followed by our stress releasing massage to renew tired legs and feet.                   60 minutes - £52.00

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