What is a Grand Wedding like?

Slightly different angle for today's blog. Gail and Gavin had their wedding celebrations with us in December and very kindly agreed to take part in a case study for our latest newsletter... So we thought you might be interested to have a read too.

Tables named after rugby players, personalised menu cards, snowflakes and an Elvis impersonator all played their part in the wedding for Gail and Gavin.

After a church service in the summer the couple held a December blessing ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception for 120 guests at the Grand. We understand no two weddings are the same, and Gail and Gavin's celebration was filled with unique touches to provide them with a lifetime of memories.

'We chose the Grand as it's the only five-star hotel on the South East coast,' said Gail. ' There are also very few places in Sussex where it's possible to have the ceremony and reception in the same location. My parents had their 25th wedding anniversary in the Grand so it made perfect sense to have our reception there too.'

The couple said the Grand did a 'fantastic' job of creating the perfect wedding day.

'We always wanted our wedding to be a big party for our family and friends,' explained Gail. 'We decided to have a ball with men in black tie and ladies in long dresses and the Compton Room was totally candlelit with snowflake decorations on the tables and stunning pedestals, rather than table decorations. Using roses, mistletoe and other flowers which created a very wintery feel'.

'We surprised our guests with an Elvis impersonator. He was fantastic and everyone commented on how much fun the dancing was. We also handed out fancy dress and had 1,200 glow sticks to give to everyone, which created a fun atmosphere for the end of the evening.'
Conjures up quite a picture doesn't it!. We know that every wedding is special and different and we are always happy to help as much as we can.!

The Wedding Team...

Posted 23rd March 2012


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