Ask the Spa…

Katarina, Head Therapist at The Grand Hotel Spa, is on hand to answer all your beauty questions. This month she turned to the team here at the hotel…

It seems like there are millions of moisturisers to choose from out there, how do I select the right one for my skin type?   Sarah, Personnel & Development Manager
Try not to be distracted by clever advertising that promises you unrealistic results, the best way to choose the right moisturiser for you is to use your skin type as a guide…
If your skin is dry and/or sensitive - meaning it is easily irritated - look for a moisturiser that is formulated to hydrate with cooling properties. My recommended product would be the Kerstin Florian liposome moisturiser.
If your skin is oily and acne-prone, your moisturiser should be labelled “non-comedogenic” which will not block the pores. I would recommend the Kerstin Florian Sorbie cream, which is my personal favourite, it helps to refine the appearance of enlarged pores as it balances and moisturises the skin.
If you wake up with your face feeling parched, then in addition to whatever daytime moisturiser you use, you also need a night moisturiser – a night moisturiser is generally richer, thicker and heavier than a day cream to keep your skin feeling soft and supple as soon as you wake up.

I used to bite my nails but stopped a few years ago, now they are so weak, when they grow past a certain point they break. How can I make them stronger?
Vicky, Marketing

Well done on stopping biting your nails, there are several techniques to make your nails stronger and appear healthier so don’t worry.
Regularly applying a hand moisturizer or a serum is an excellent way to lock in moisture, the must buy product that all the Grand Therapists are currently using is the Mavala Scientifique Serum. Its formula hardens the nail plate so that the nail can restore its normal growth. Another great way to keep your nails strong is to file them correctly, never use the fast sawing motion, this will disrupt the nail plate and cause the nails to flake, make sure you always file in one direction to prevent this from happening.

I am expecting twins and am over the moon to be pregnant, but I’ve heard lots of horror stories about stretch marks. How can I try and avoid them?
Claire, Sales & Events

Firstly congratulations and great question, it’s one we get asked regularly here at the Spa…
There are lots of remedies to help prevent stretch marks, one of my favourite DIY options is rubbing lavender oil all over the problem areas, and another option is eating the right food. Foods rich in vitamin C and E help promote the growth of new tissues and the healing of damaged tissues in the skin. Vitamin K-rich foods, like dairy products, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes, promote rapid healing of stretch marks.
Here at the Grand hotel we provide a wide range of luxurious pre-natal treatments using fantastic products from Basq. Their products use a lot of rich coco butter which is another great way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Early application firms and tones up the skin, while keeping it hydrated. The Enzymes in cocoa butter also help reduce damage to skin tissue.

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