Take time to prepare your body for the year ahead

If the British winter and spring weather has taken its toll on the health and wellbeing of your body, don’t wait until summer to take action. With skin hidden away under warm winter clothes, it is sometimes forgotten until the thought of your summer wardrobe looms.

Although the days are beginning to get longer, our vitamin D levels are still quite low which can lead to people feeling emotionally low too. Most people use the first glimmer of warmer weather as a trigger to start preparing our bodies for the summer ahead though this can often lead to taking extreme measures. Giving time to caring for our bodies, both inside and out, during the winter months will leave you feel healthier and energised all year round and will put you in a much better position when spring finally arrives.

The key to a healthy mind and body is exercise and the physical and mental benefits cannot be ignored. However, the winter weather sometimes makes getting active more challenging. Regular trips to the gym work for many but if that is not for you, there are other easy options. Even a gentle stroll along the coast can help keep you active – just make sure you wrap up warm!

While exercising is important, so is taking some time out to relax and allow your body to revitalise. This downtime is important to give your body the balance it needs to maintain the equilibrium and restore energy levels.

To kick-start your healthy year, a trip to a spa can help to rejuvenate tired and neglected skin and recharge the batteries. Whether it is a purifying facial, hot stone massage or detoxifying mud treatment you will leave feeling like a new person and ready for whatever the coming months have in store.

The Grand’s health club has a wide range of rejuvenating treatments available – take a look at the full list here or give our spa team a call to find out more: 01323 435025.

Best regards for a happy, healthy summer! Chris Butler, Health Club Manager